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JWG8 on Privacy Management of Security Products and Related Services


The commission (DG Entreprise) has decided to give a mandate to ESOs (CEN/CENELEC/ETSI) to work on privacy-by-design.
The draft of the mandate is here: http://wiki.pripare.eu/images/Pripare/b/bf/Ares%282014%291504746_-_notification_system_-_standardisation_request_on_Privacy_management.pdf

The official version version of the mandate is here :http://wiki.pripare.eu/wiki/File:Mandate_m530.pdf

Note that while the mandate focuses on PbD applied to homeland security products (e.g. airport scanners, surveillance), it seems that the scope of work as viewed by the commission and by the ESOS as more global as domains such as the smart grid, smart cities, internet of things will be covered.

Internally, CEN/CENELEC have decided to launch a joint working group, the secretariat of which will be managed the AFNOR -(France).

Consequently a first initial French meeting took place on December 17th, 2014. The first phase of the mandate is a 10 month period until October 2015 where the content of standardiation work and a roadmap will be defined