Consumer Privacy Needs

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  • From COPOLCO
    • From the consumer perspective we have ended up defining consumer privacy functionality not privacy.
    • Data protection legislation and ISO 29100 exclude personal processing ( which is sometimes also referred to as domestic processing ).
      • Consumer goods and services are by definition about private personal use. 
    • privacy protection measures include the security of personal/domestic processing as well as 24x7 real time personal privacy preference control over processing of PII whether for personal/domestic purposes or organisational purposes. 
    • personal processing privacy in the domestic environment for 
      • security of consumer products 
      • personal privacy controls between family and friends, 
      • and for examples like social media bullying of kids ... protection measures against intrusion.
  • In a non oppressive regime, this tend to be a bigger issue often resulting life and death situation. 
  • the privacy definition below that includes freedom from intrusion as that brings in the need to protect privacy by protecting not just PII but the processing of PII as well.