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IPEN - Internet Privacy Engineering Network

The purpose of IPEN (www.engineeringprivacy.eu) is to bring together developers and data protection experts with a technical background from different areas in order to launch and support projects that build privacy into everyday tools and develop new tools which can effectively protect and enhance our privacy.

Objective of WIKI

During the IPEN workshop held in Leuven on June 5th 2015 (https://secure.edps.europa.eu/EDPSWEB/edps/site/mySite/lang/en/IPEN_Workshop_2015), it was agreed that the IPEN community would benefit from the creation of a repository of information on activities related to privacy engineering standards

The objective of this wiki is to be a tool allowing stakeholders interested in standardisation to identify and seek harmonisation and convergence opportunities

How to be a member of the wiki

IPEN members can register to this wiki

  • as observers (i.e. getting information)
  • as contributors (i.e. providing information and comments on privacy standards activities).

Contact Antonio Kung (antonio.kung@trialog.com) or Olivier Maridat (olivier.maridat@trialog.com) with topic [IPEN privacy standards] to request access, and indicate whether you want to be an observer or a contributor

Rules for contributors

Rule 1: It is important to respect copyrights rules of all information contained in this wiki:

  • Concerning existing standards, the wiki can contain
    • link to standardisation bodies pages
    • analyses and comments that you provide as contributor
    • public presentations or documents
  • Concerning standards in the making, the wiki can contain
    • link to standardisation bodies pages
    • information about the status
    • information on meetings
    • public presentations of documents

Rule 2: Separate official information from analysis/opinions/comments. It is also advised to give your name when comments are provided.

Contributors are free to create new pages either to provide extended analysis or to cover other topics


The wiki will contain the following dedicated pages

ISO activities

Link to the page
Contributors Antonio Kung, Irene Kamara

OASIS activities

Link to the page http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/OASIS
Contributors John Sabo?, Dawn Jutla?

W3C activities

Link to the page  http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/W3C_Activities
Contributors Ninja Marnau?

IETF activities

Link to the page http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/IETF_Activities
Contributors Steven Farrell?


Link to the page http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/CEN-CENELEC-ETSI_Activities
Contributors Antonio Kung (CEN-CENELEC JWG8), Claude Tételin (CEN TC225), Irene Kamara, Carmine Rizzo (ETSI)

OpenID Foundation activities

Link to the page http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/OpenId_Foundation_Activities
Contributors Nat Sakimura (OpenID Foundation)

National level activities

Link to the page  http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/National_Level_Activities
Contributors Alan Shipman (BSI)

Other activities

Link to the page http://ipen.trialog.com/wiki/Other_Activities

Antonio Kung (Smart grid DPIA template, CNIL PIA methodology, ENISA landscape document, NIST privacy risk management framework),

Florian Stahl (OWASP Top 10 Privacy Risks Project)

Matthieu Grall (CNIL PIA analysis)

Sponsors and Support

This wiki is sponsored by Trialog and supported by the PRIPARE project

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