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CEN/TC225 - AIDC technologies


In December 2008, the European Commission addressed the Mandate M/436 to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI in the field of ICT as applied to RFID systems. The Mandate M/436 was accepted by the ESOs in the first months of 2009. The Mandate addresses the data protection, privacy and information aspects of RFID, and is being executed in two phases.

Phase 1, completed in May 2011, identified the work needed to produce a complete framework of future RFID standards. The Phase 1 results are contained in the ETSI Technical Report TR 187 020, which was published in May 2011.

Phase 2 is concerned with the execution of the standardisation work programme identified in the first phase. This second phase ended in July 2014 with the publication of different technical reports and the publication of two European standards:

EN 16571: « Information technology - RFID privacy impact assessment process» and

EN 16570: « Information technology - Notification of RFID - The information sign and additional information to be provided by operators of RFID application systems».


Mandate page: M/436

CEN/TC225 page: CEN/TC225

Members of CEN/TC225

A dedicated Project Team has been appointed to draft the EN 16571 on PIA for RFID applications

Editing team


[Antonio Kung]

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