Conflicting legal issues

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  • There are Conflicts
    • legal and legislative
      • law enforcement experience, particularly with regard to cybercrime - which has increased 300% since 2011.
      • the rights to privacy are not absolute
    • Other human rights
      • the potential need for standards to support a “balance of human rights”.
    • Legal changes
    • National security requirements
    • The problem of ever present sensors ( IoT etc)
  • Conflicts can be avoided
    • Man examples are information security problems and not in it self privacy problems.
    • If we knowingly introduce backdoors into systems then we will have no security.
    • There are technologies to handle this type of situations in many cases
    • a subject can use lawyer, written statement, blockchain / smart contract, etc. whatever to reflect his / her will to implement the privacy rights – whether the implementation happens before or after the death
  • SC27 WG5 should take a much wider look at this important issue, perhaps conducting a landscape review similar to the identity-related landscape review
  • Privacy depends on strong governance and AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accountability) as any cyber professional will agree, which means privacy needs to be linked more closely to WG5’s authentication & IDM work. We need to consider the “How” of privacy more effectively, if we want our WG5 standards to be useful and widely adopted.