Multidimensional and evolving

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Privacy is a multi-dimensional concept.

  • In many cases, the right to privacy is linked to the basic human right, which happens to vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
  • As the result, ISO style short "definition" would not do justice.
  • Instead, WG 5 recommends utilizing the framework approach to respect privacy.
  • The current framework is documented in ISO/IEC 29100 Privacy Framework.
  • in the privacy field/sector, personal data / PII protection is more related to the means, whereas privacy is more related to the goal
    • we do not protection PII for the pleasure of protection data, we protect them where there can be risks on privacy ; and we don't protect privacy as a whole, but only when PII are involved.

Evolving consept

  • Might need a definition that is usefull for 30 years.
  • counterproductive for the group to produce and codify a definition that then becomes inflexible and hard to adapt to changing circumstances and new technology.
  • best strategy is to reduce it to the bare essentials, and to leave definition of the more contextual aspects to documents other than the definition.
  • Some languages do not actually have a word for privacy.