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Small themes

Persistence vs identifiable

  • Short lived data are less sensitive even if it belongs to an identifiable person.

Aspects of Privacy and ownership of data

  • it would be worthwhile to highlight that there are elements of privacy that relate to individuals’ ownership of their data; control over their data; awareness of the existence of that data, who accesses it, and who holds it; and the mechanisms used to ensure the privacy of said data.
  • do not consider the "ownership" of data. AFAIK there is no privacy law that includes the concept of data ownership. It's not a helpful abstraction.
  • trying to define privacy in terms of data "ownership" is unlikely to be productive;
  • defining it in terms of "data about me" does take us further, but - I would argue - not far enough;
  • my privacy is also impacted by data about others.

Natural vs juridical persons

  • Doesn't juridical persons also have privacy?
  • No they do not, they have confidentiality and other legal protection

Privacy as unobservability

  • the defintion of privacy to mean “A state free from observation”, if we are able to design systems and proceess that achieve this principle that would be excellent.
  • That definition have problems ie this definition of privacy make it difficult to build a "private" electronic health record, for instance.