Rules for Contribution

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Rule 1: It is important to respect copyright rules of all the information contained in this wiki:

  • Concerning existing standards, the wiki can contain
    • link to standardisation bodies pages
    • analyses and comments that you provide as contributor
    • public presentations or documents
  • Concerning standards in the making, the wiki can contain
    • link to standardisation bodies pages
    • information about the status
    • information on meetings
    • public presentations of documents
  • Concerning projects, the wiki can contain
    • Projects run by IPEN members
    • Projects that align with the Privacy Engineering goals (and are not extremely radical, common sense approach)
    • Projects that align with Privacy and Data Protection focus that (can) interact with Privacy Engineering
    • Projects that try to bridge the gap between the Tech and the Policy community

Rule 2: Separate official information from analysis/opinions/comments. It is also advised to give your name when comments are provided.

Contributors are free to create new pages either to provide extended analysis or to cover other topics